Under my Umbrella

Hi everyone – it’s Thursday and I’m feeling great! And even though it’s a rainy day, that shouldn’t stop a woman from getting her style on. Life’s too short, so don’t let a few drops of rain keep you from having a nice time.

I styled a simple white vest, which is every girl’s best friend, with a pair of blue jeans (revamped with some DIY ripping) and an essential camel coat to stay warm and cozy. If you ask me, that one’s a wardrobe staple. The red pumps came in handy and added a sweet touch of colour, keeping my toes nice and warm – not to mention the umbrella, of course.

This look is very feminine – not too much and just right for cold days – it’s chic and pretty simple, too.

Hope this post was helpful, until next time.

xx Sara K.

Coat: Simple and Camel
Vest: NewYorker
Shoes: Foschini
Jeans: JayJays
Photo Credit: Markus Koellmann

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