The Red Scarf

What’s good everyone!

– hope you are all well. My layering game is getting strong as the cold is advancing and the skies are getting grayer each day. I recently noticed that I have so much black clothing so I’m just saying, you guys might be seeing lots of strong black looks on here.

One might say layers look bulky, but I say they can look stylish. To be honest this outfit was not planned, I just mixed and matched different pieces and liked the outcome of it. Sometimes I live by the saying “if you like it, wear it” … and that is exactly what I did.

This is a combination of different textures, which I like. You can either break it or make it! In this particular case, I went for neutral colours like a black coat, grey knit, black leather trousers and black Suede boots. The neutral colours did not overpower the different textures which makes the entire look wearable. I threw on a red scarf, picked my bag and was ready to go.

Catch you next time.

xx Sara K.

Coat: Galeria Kaufhof
Pants & Bag: H&M
Sweater: NewYorker
Photo Credit: Markus Koellmann

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