Stripes In The Park

Hey lovely people – new week new blog post! I hope you are all doing alright and that you’ll have a good week ahead of you.

I wanted to share a few pictures from last week, when hubby and I took a nice walk around our neighbourhood and found ourselves at the Villa Berg park. Our town has quite a few parks – they say Stuttgart is full of green oases – and we love to take walks whenever we can. We had a nice time and it even got better when the sun was setting as we reached the actual Villa on top of the hill.

We managed to snap some shots of my outfit on the way. It was a simple striped shirt turned into an DIY off-the-shoulder-top. I love the bow, which made it look stylish and trendy. Besides that I find that most of the time shoulders aren’t given enough credit lol … shoulders are beautiful and there’s no need to hide them, especially not in summer. Complementing the top, I wore a black above-the-knee skirt and added a pop of orange sandals.

Until next time.

xx Sara K.

Shirt & Skirt: Closet
Sandals: Zara
Photo Credit: Markus Koellmann

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