Culottes & Sneakers

Hello there and happy Friday! Wishing all of you a lovely weekend :).

Today’s post is all about me stepping out of my comfort zone with these culottes. Positive change is good! So I wasn’t too sure about these Culottes when I bought them at Bershka and to be honest, they were sitting in my wardrobe for some time until I finally decided to wear them … normally I’m a straight or skinny jeans kind of person, but these culottes are everything!

I can’t get over them because they are so comfortable and fashionable. The cutoff is just right and the fact that they are wide makes them airy, so perfect for summer. Besides that, Culottes are easy to style. I went with a basic white tee, white sneakers and a few accessories like a plain black choker, bangles and my sunnies ;).

It’s an easy minimalist look and so effortless, so if you’re not up for a skirt or tight jeans try Culottes. Thank me later! … No really, let me know about your experiences in the comments below :).

Until next time.

xx Sara K.

Top: NewYorker
Bottom: Bershka
Sneakers: NewYorker
Accessories: H&M
Photo Credit: Markus Koellmann

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