4 Reasons to wear Wide Leg Pants

It’s finally Friday and I am happy to be sharing a new post with you all, this is all about wide leg trousers … I have mad love for this style and hope my thoughts and opinions help you, in case you’re not in love with this style as I am 🙂

1. Great for the legs

If you not that tall and more petite like me, this is great for you; I honestly find that wide legs tend to elongate your leg structure which makes you appear a little taller than you are.

2. Super Comfortable and Flexible

I love tights, leggings, skinny jeans – you name it – but some days comfort is everything and I find that WLPs are great in this weather plus you can wear them all year round and style them in so many different ways; with high heels, flats or sneakers depending on your mood. lol

3. Confidence Booster Alert

WLPs can make you feel some type of way, with the 80’s vibe and Parisian flavour, any woman would feel more sexy and a little mysterious.

4. High Waist

The high waist is the cherry on the cake, it hides a multitude of sins especially on a day where you might be feeling bloated or have muffin top problems … a high waist really does the trick and keeps things under cover.

I hope you enjoy this post and got some inspiration for you own WLPs

Until next time.

xx Sara K.

Top: DIY
Bottoms: Evelin Brandt
Sandals: Mango
Bag: H&M
Photo Credit: Markus Koellmann

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